Monday, September 30, 2013


Wow where in the world did September go? This has been such a crazy, whirlwind month with SO MUCH going on.

It was an incredibly busy month for my photography business (over 20 sessions). I almost feel like I missed out on so much time with the kids, but the work came when I needed it the most. It seems like it works out that way - work always comes to save the day.

On Friday we got word that the new sales price was approved by the bank - and it was $25K less than the original price so we are so stoked!

We just got home from a party at our neighbors house. It was so much fun. They are such wonderful neighbors and I'll really miss having them next door.

Lots of bike time - Ryenne loves her new bike.

Kai has such expressive eyes!

Ry and Cruz playing with the neighbors dog, Mochi

Me and the girl - with the big front toofers. Love that smile!

This dude right here has made this month so much easier on me. Helped me out so incredibly much!!

Kai's last month of being 4. October 1 he turns FIVE!!!

The monkeys with Daddy at Andaz

Andaz Resort Family dinner

Now if this isn't the best, I don't know what is! Caught by our waiter digging for gold.
Peter's new job at Andaz has been fantastic. They invited us in to try their restaurant, Ka'ana Kitchen and it was AMAZING. Everything is cooked right there in the kitchen behind us and the food was amazeballs. Later in October they're hosting a movie night for the employees to bring their families to watch Monsters University. I am so excited that Peter got in there - he is doing fantastic and loving it!

As for me, I am really trying to take care of myself. Both of my shoulders have rotator cuff tendonitis from all the shoots I've been doing (heavy camera!). Doing lots of yoga and avoiding anything that will hurt my shoulders. Kids have been sad I can't pick them up (or really anything for that matter!) but they understand I need to heel. Looking forward to the next two weeks, our big move to Wailuku town, and kicking off the holiday season in our very own home.

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