Monday, December 09, 2013

Grandie Visit and Iao Valley

Grandie, Ryenne, and the first ornament of Christmas!!

The tree's first ornament!

A visit to the Pono Store on First Friday!

We put the tree up!

This morning we had a Grandie Christmas with all of us. We had such a nice breakfast together followed by presents!

After everyone left, Ryenne lost her 7th tooth!
 It was VERY hot today.  About 87 outside and inside it hit 101 degrees! It was too hot to do anything in the house so me and the kids headed for Iao Valley!
Hanging out on a rock in the swimming hole

Kai is like Mowgli

Such a sweet moment between Ry and Kai. They are so close - it's too cute!

Silly little monkeys!!!

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Kristi said...

merry christmas. xx