Sunday, February 09, 2014

Snow Leopard Moments

Did I blog about our date? I forget if I did... but we were torn between watching Ben Stiller's Walter Mitty remake and Saving Mr. Banks. It was a tough choice, but we chose Walter Mitty and I am so glad that we did. The cinematography was absolutely breathtaking, but even more, the story was absolutely beautiful.

[spoiler ahead]

There is this one pivotal scene when Walter climbs a mountain in the Himalayas to find his photographer friend to let him know that he cannot find a negative (that seems trivial written out but I promise it's such an incredible adventure).

The two men sit on the side of the mountain and ponder the lost. Just then, the illusive snow leopard appears. Sean, the photographer, doesn’t move to photograph it. He says, “sometimes it is so beautiful, I just want to be here with it.”
…Sometimes that moment is so beautiful, you just want to be there, with it, in it and not disrupt it with a camera. [exerpt from this blog.

Peter and I have been calling these moments Snow Leopard Moments. For Peter it was mowing the lawn with Kai yesterday. For me it was showering with Cruz and thinking to myself that it's his last few weeks of being THREE and my baby will soon be four.  That has become pretty darn significant for us.

We had a wonderful weekend off with Peter (well, Friday/Saturday anyway) and today on Sunday I found myself alone with the kids and hung some pictures. Then we're standing at the back window admiring a hen and her chicks walking through the yard when chaos ensues and the dogs go chasing after them. Emmy broke a chicks leg and I rescued it before she tore it to bits. The mom hen left and Ryenne begged me to do what I could.

Oh that face. She held the chick in her hands and the chick would close it's eyes and lean in toward the touch of her fingers on it's head. It craved her near. So I called Nico and Abra to find out what I should do about the leg. We now have a chick in a cardboard box with a splint on it's leg. I've told the kids I'm doing my best but I can't promise anything. I hope it makes it.

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