Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Happy Birthday Cruz!

Cruz is FIVE!!! What the heck? How did this happen?

Cruz is an amazing little human. He’s smart, funny, sweet, and super cuddly. He reminds me a lot of Christopher Robin from Winnie-The-Pooh – a tender heart that’s discovering the world. He's at this amazing stage where he's still a roly-poly little boy but with complex thoughts and questions. He still hasn't figured out that he outweighs his big brother by nearly 10 pounds.

He wants to go to school so badly. He can't wait to start Kindergarten and talks about it all the time.

Cruzey is always ready for adventure. He loves to fly, loves to travel, loves to climb on rocks and LOVES swimming. He'll stay in the ocean until it's dark. He is a magic little boy.

It's storming today and I'm so glad we went out yesterday afternoon to take him on some adventures. We went to the Tropical Plantation coconut shack for shave ice and coconuts and then out to the lighthouse on the Pali to whale watch (until it started raining).

Uncle Koa cracking a coconut

Aunty Lucy making Ry a Shave Ice

Nom Nom

I think Cruz liked his shave ice!

Peter was having fun too.

Off to the Lighthouse to watch some whales and rock climb.

And pretend we're an airplane.

"Cruz show me how many fingers you are!"

Rock Adventures

"I want this one right here." he says

Typical Kai Boy

Ry found the rock she likes!

Starting to rain so back to the car we went.

But first he wanted to pick a special rock.

Happy birthday beautiful boy!

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