Monday, October 29, 2012


Finished the day before we left. My new tattoo!

Waiting to leave Kahului. She had no idea that we were going to Disneyland!


After we did our little happy dance.
 The trip was made even more special because Crystal and Stacey flew down from Portland. These two were always like the big sisters I never had and I've known and loved them FOREVER. I hadn't seen Stacey in YEARS and was so thrilled to get to meet her son, Robert. We had a great time reconnecting.
The first ride... Star Tours!

Wearing the 3D glasses


Turkey leg is paleo!

The Matterhorn

Ryenne and Robert with their giant cotton candies

Can Ry and Robert pull out the sword?

Getting on to Space Mountain

They took down all the space stuff and instead had some really creepy ghoulish graphics. They were pretty terrifying. Ry has herself completely buried into my arm. Robert is covering his eyes too.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle!

We went back to our hotel for the fireworks show. We had a great view from our hotel balcony. Perfect spot for the fireworks!

In line for the Jungle Cruise

Total posers... haha

Ry and Robert were instant buds.

Me, Crystal, and Stacey!!!

Auntie Crystal bought Ry a new dress and leggings! Ry had just gotten soaked on Splash Mountain.

Tarzan's Tree House

Some rope climbing!

Silly faces in front of the Haunted Mansion

Ry took this one of us.

I'm still a sucker for the princesses!!!

Pluto had some long ears!

Goofy was awesome. There was a line of crazy people to see Goofy. The parents were horrible... pushing their kids in front of other kids. One pushed Ryenne out of the way so their kid could go next and Goofy brought Ry back for her picture. Goofy, you rock!

Toon Town!

Inside Mickey's House

Meeting the one and only Mickey Mouse!

Group Hug!

Group Hug Part 2!

Looks pretty heavy!

Ry is really trying!!

In toon town

Our Costco package included character breakfasts, which were great because the characters came to the table and we could eat and spend time. Ry's face when she saw Minnie Mouse was awesome.

Big, big hugs for Minnie!




Off to Pixie Hollow where the fairies live. It was really cute.

Mickey's Wheel in California Adventure

At the Runaway Train. One of Ry's favorites.

On our way into the lunch with the princesses!!

Ry's favorite princess, Ariel the Little Mermaid

Belle stopped by to say hello

Princess Aurora liked Ry's pink shirt

Ry and Snow White

Cinderella too!

Donald Duck was out at California Adventure!

We were being goofballs.

King Triton's Carousel

Jessie from Toy Story 2

Watching Peter ride California Screamin. This was the only ride Ry wasn't big enough for.

Night time!

I can't believe it... she went on the Tower of Terror with us. Then she said NEVER AGAIN!

Another character breakfast. This was at the Grand Californian Hotel. AWFUL service. Our only bad experience at Disneyland (not Brer Fox though... he was awesome).

Peter and Ry dancing with Phineus and Ferb's party

In Cars Land

Inside the new restaurant Carthay Circle. Loved this photo of Walt and Shirley Temple. It was by far the best food of the entire vacation!

Back in Cars Land after lunch

They did Radiator Springs proud. It was amazing (and busy)

Back to Disneyland :)

She got to meet Ariel again. Ariel was commenting how she wished she had Ry's sweater. It was night and getting cold out.

Love this one of me and my girl with Ariel!

We went back to California Adventure to watch the World of Color show. It was AMAZING. This was water and lights. There was orchestra music playing and Ry was pretending she was the conductor. It was magical.

The hotel was .75 miles from the park entrance and Ry was a trooper walking all day long. We were at the park from about 8am to 10pm nightly.

Pooh Bear!

Peter had to jump in with Snow White!

Thinking of Gams when we went on her favorite ride.

Headed into Snow White. Ry says I look like Snow White.

Right after Pinocchio's ride they have him in the window! She was excited to see the "real" Pinocchio.

Inside Rapunzel's cottage.

Meeting Princess Merida from Brave

Think she's excited about this ice cream?

Overlooking Frontier Land

One of her favorite rides, Splash Mountain. This was her third time!

Our last day as it got dark.

Inside Minnie's house. We went looking for the wishing well that was there. When Ry was a baby we wished in it for a brother or sister and came home to find out we were expecting. The wishing well isn't there anymore. Ry wanted to wish to go back to Disneyland again.

RAWR! She's a bear!

Heading out of the park on the last day.
There are more pictures I'm waiting for from the Disney photo people. Those should be in soon. Blogger wasn't letting me put up my videos so I'll do those separately.

It was incredibly magical to experience this trip with Ryenne. She was the perfect age to go. We were really glad that the boys didn't come for this trip. I felt so bad for parents traveling with little ones that were worn out. On one occasion I helped a mom push a stroller (she was trying to push two strollers!) and Peter and I saw a few parental spats about who was taking who to where. Not the way I wanted to spend our vacation. So thank you Marissa and Eugene for taking the boys so we could really spend time with Ry.

I think next time I'd avoid Halloween time. It's still warm enough to be really, really busy. So there was a lot of waiting in line which can be frustrating for a Little. But totally... this vacation was freaking awesome!!!


Kaitlen said...

Hi there! I found your blog while trying to find pictures of a specific Princess Aurora! I just wanted to let you know that Minnie Mouse's wishing well IS still at Disneyland, its in her backyard! Just go out the backdoor in the kitchen that is sometimes closed (maybe that's how you missed it) and make a wish! It looks like you had a fun trip!

Kaitlen said...

Hi there! I found your blog while trying to find pictures of a specific Princess Aurora, and I just wanted to let you know that Minnie's wishing well IS still at Disneyland! Its in her backyard, through a door in the kitchen that is sometimes closed (maybe that's how you missed it)It looks like you had fun on your trip!