Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Oh how I needed that. Stress is such a hard thing. It makes me get frustrated with everything and everyone.

Yesterday we had a beach get together planned with some friends at Polo Beach. Ry came home from school and we packed up and headed to Wailea. The waves were big. The kids were fearless. So I was in the water with them. They refused to be held. They charged the waves. They went under. They were tossed around a little. A couple times they came up sputtering, but for the most part they looked as though it was the most amazing thing in the world with giant smiles plastered across their faces.

Ryenne body surfed. Kai body surfed. Cruz jumped into, through, and under waves. I was in it with them through the whole thing - cheering, rescuing, hugging, chasing. The sun and the salt was curing every ounce of stress I had been carrying. The kids were their perfect selves. Kai had no meltdowns. He was strong and vibrant. I have no pictures because I was in the ocean with them the whole time, soaking in every image and hoping that it's embedded in my brain for a long time. Truly precious moments.

We were there until well after the sun had set. It was perfection.

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