Tuesday, November 06, 2012

From CrossFit to Halloween and Other Stuff!

When we got home we realized how bare the house was of EVERYTHING. Huge Costco trip!

The monkeys started CrossFit for Kids on Saturdays! They are learning where to put their hands for air squats in this pic.

Ryenne was a box jump SUPERSTAR!

I think he was watching race cars on the ipad

A very interesting place to fall asleep!

Cruz being gentle with Dexter. Dex is getting pretty old.

Kai's Fall wreath on the front door

For Halloween we took the kids to the mall and had dinner at Ruby's followed by trick or treating. The boys were firemen and Ry was a mermaid

I was Minnie Mouse and Peter was Mickey

A beautiful day on Maui from Upcountry (click to make it bigger)

Happy Birthday Peter! He turned 37 on November 1st.

Hitting those terrible two's something fierce. Cruz decided to take out all the laundry and the clothes in his drawers.

Took Exbee on a cruise to Honolua Bay

Coconut snack aftermath

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