Friday, November 16, 2012

This, That, and The Other

Holy Moly it can seem like sitting down to write on my blog isn't going to happen. Life is just busy. Kids are going all the time. Emails never stop (which is a good thing), there are always images to edit, always another sunset to go watch, another story to read. I'm so thankful for my busy life.

First off, I hadn't blogged about it because I was ignoring it - but Peter hadn't been working for about 3 weeks. The Westin is undergoing a renovation and with so many rooms out of order, they just didn't need all the staff. So while he remained employed, he wasn't getting any hours, which translated to my business supporting the family 100%. If this scenario had happened 3 years ago, I promise we would have been up sh*t creek, but I'm happy to say that we made it through (barely). We just got some incredible news - a full time job at Mama's Fish House was offered and we jumped at the chance for many reasons a) it's a 10 minute drive down the mountain b) it will bring back cash flow c) the staff is awesome and everyone loves their job d) he'll have more time with family and e) it's where I grew up. It feels like coming back to Kuau was always meant to be. I will say though, he is one terrible house wife. haha

We are having a little drama at Kai's preschool. The lead teacher and her assistant are no longer there. It's hard because Kai has a very special bond with her, but he also is familiar with the school and his friends there. So I'm afraid of pulling him out because that would be a huge change for him and he doesn't cope well will change. So we'll stick it out and see how it goes.

I continue to feel like I'm always balancing something - house, photography work, douglas foundation repair work, and now like a crazy person I've added something else. Nothing is up yet, but there's a company that has these really awesome cleaning cloths that I adore and I signed up to sell them. I promise I won't be irritating about it. You know me and chemicals. I hate them.

Ryenne continues to amaze us. She is so matter of fact about details and pays attention to everything. She is one crazy awesome little girl. Kai has his ups and downs and is trying to be a big boy. Cruz is being a brute right now and has figured out he's bigger than Kai so there is a lot of pushing going on.

The rainy season has started. It's been getting cold at night. Hitting the 60's in the house so the footy jammies are coming out for the kids. Dexter has his jacket on most of the time. Upcountry looks magical with the rain and the chill. Definitely one of my favorite times of year. Lots of soups have been made.

With bribes in hand (race cars) they are buddies.

Kai Playing at Polo Beach

Cruz playing with a stick in the sand.

It keeps me going

I took Kai for his gymnastics class only to learn that it was cancelled because the teacher was sick. So on the way home we pulled over to feed the horses, which he thought was awesome. The brown and black ones let him touch their nose and ears. You shoulda heard his laugh - it was awesome!

Me flipping tires at CrossFit.

Dexter loves to stay warm! He's all bundled up in blankets here.

This fellow was cruising on the tree in the yard.

We took the kids to the Westin for breakfast for Landon's 7th birthday.

Cruz waiting for me to finish my workout

Ryenne and Nana. We were laughing Ry is almost as tall as Nana already!

My niece, Jadelyn. She is so hilarious. She does these funny little dances.

My lettuce is doing really well.

Lilikoi flowers are blossoming and some fruits are on the vine!

Peter's first day at Mama's!! Every Friday they wear whacky Aloha attire. This is his Friday shirt.

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kristi said...

it sounds like life is busy but beautiful. have a lovely holiday season. Xx

ps. your new tat is gorgeous.