Saturday, December 22, 2012

How is it almost the end of December?

Where did December go? I mean, really? I can't believe that it's almost Christmas! I haven't even finished wrapping yet.

All is pretty good over here. We hit up Makawao's annual Christmas event as well as Makawao School's visit with Santa. Kai Boy just had his preschool event as well and now everyone is home from school. It has been getting COLD at night. Our thermometer in the house says 63 degrees. I know for people on the mainland that is NOTHING, but that's the temp in the house and we are all freezing our booties off!

Saying Hello to Makawao Santa

The kids art on the fence in town drying

Makawao visit to Santa - we bribed the kids with cupcakes to all look at the camera!

Ry's beautiful new jacket from Gams

Kai's drawings are getting more and more detailed! This is him and me he says.

This is so funny! The kids wanted to make a gingerbread house, so I bought a kit - they didn't want to wait for the frosting to dry to keep the pieces together. So they each decorated a big slab of cookie.

This is the time out spot in the house. We have a chicken timer and this spot has been getting WAY too much use by the boys lately.

Kai Boy's preschool Christmas show (video below!)

Peter is loving his new job at Mama's Fish House. It's so nice that he's working so close to home and I'm not worrying about him driving the Pali all the time. I'm keeping busy - December wasn't very busy, but busy enough to keep me on the computer editing quite a bit.
I am still really sore and recovering from my accident with Cruz. I don't know if my shoulder will ever be 100%. I've been off from CrossFit for a month and miss working out. Right now I can't lift much at all and it sucks. I'll just keep babying it so it can heal as much as possible. I wonder how Cruz will feel later when he finds out how much he hurt me as a toddler. Reminds me of those Kung-Fu movies where the guy puts his arm out and the other guy grabs it and twists it and you hear those crunching noises. That is SO my shoulder right now!
Christmas is almost here and I'm as ready as I ever will be. I think the kids will be happy. I love that they believe so deeply in the magic of this holiday.

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