Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lots of Pretties

Whew... I tell you I don't know where time is going. I keep meaning to sit down and write and put up pictures of the Littles so that I can reflect back on them later. But there's so much to do. It's Sunday today. The dryer is tumbling, the table is covered in folded clothes, the kids are watching Transformers. Time for a moment to just reflect.

Let's start this off with the annual Dagupion couch picture. I'm not sure when this started as a tradition, but I know that we've done it several times... and soon I think Marissa and Eugene will need a bigger couch! haha

Cruz making a barrier in the hallway

Kai's artwork! I put it in a glass frame.

The rolly slide at Keokea Park

Cruz running at Baby Beach

Kai Boy at Baby Beach

Little dude actually got the bar - then we rescued him.

Ry at Baby Beach

Nana's 88th birthday

Me and Nana. I'm 5'4" - she is the tiniest thing!

Kuau Cove

Monkeys at the fish pond at Nui Farm where we get our veggies

Another trip to Keokea Park with some tickle chase.

These two are pretty cute!

I was giving my new friend Lory a camera lesson at the beach.

Beautiful princess

Officially sold off all my Canon gear. Welcomed into the family a Nikon D3!

It truly is the best!

Me and the kiddos took a little detour back in time today.
There are some more beach pictures that I need to upload. We've been trying to hit up the beach as much as possible. Really trying to explore and show the kids all different parts of the island. They are loving when we go to Keokea. Next up will be some light hiking in the Olinda Forest. Excited for that one!

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Anonymous said...

The Olinda forest was my back yard as a kid! Spent more time there than in the house! Which is how it should be!! It was such a treasure to have that. I am looking forward to coming back. Being able to actually do things with the kids outside. Teach them to embrace nature. Always love your blog!!