Tuesday, January 08, 2013

No Rain, No Rainbows

Rainbow over Sugarcane Fields - Haleakala Highway
It's been storming over here for the last week. Lots of rain and wind, and of course, rainbows. Rainbows still take my breath away, and me and the kids will often pull the car over to watch it and talk about the treasure at the end.

Yesterday I was at a photo session and a sprinkling of rain started to fall and a giant rainbow developed over the bay. It took my breath away. My client said that for the first two days of their vacation, they enjoyed the rainbows, but now the rainbows just meant rain and they were "over it".

It is true that there aren't rainbows without a bit of rain. There is no rainforest without rain. There is no renewal of land without rain. Rain is our friend. And we are rewarded handsomely by the miracle of raindrops reflecting sunlight in just such a way to present us with an arch of color plastered across the sky to enjoy. I can't even imagine ever being "over it". I hope never, ever, ever in my life I will see something as magnificent as a rainbow and say, "meh".

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