Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back Yard Wonderland

We've lived in our house for a month! I promise I won't write this every month (probably at a year!) but it's pretty cool to think how much we feel at home here from the very first day.

The kids are settled into their routines (and let me stress how important routines are!). I feel good knowing that I can tell the kids to go play outside and can feel safe with them playing in our yard. We had some rain recently and the entire backyard is green. I was cooking some really awesome beef stew yesterday and the kids were driving me nuts. So I told them to get the shovel and go play in the backyard. They decided to hunt for beetles and I could hear all the giggles going on. I decided to sneak down for some pictures of them being kids. I want them to remember these moments - of playing outside together as the magic light filters through the clouds. Then coming inside to some homemade food and bubble baths.

This is the magic light that is in our backyard. It's so beautiful!

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