Sunday, November 17, 2013

Doctor's Orders

Last Wednesday was an epic trip to the doctors office for the family. Our Kaiser medical kicked in on the 1st (thank goodness!) so me, Ryenne, and Kai piled in for our annuals.

I have to say, Dr. Williams at Kaiser in the Peds office is fantastic. She listened to me about Kai and recommended he not receive shots (wouldn't have let him anyway but it was nice to know the doc agreed with me!). Kai is a small boy but growing just as he should - no surprises there.

Ryenne had blood tests and her cholesterol is borderline high. Dr. Williams talked to Ry about including more veggies in her diet (she always flat out refuses when I cook) and so since Dr. Williams said "Doctors Orders!" Ry has been FANTASTIC about eating her greens! She has even been eating a side salad with each meal (aside from breakfast) AND came a took a swig of my green juice. She proudly exclaims, "Doctors Orders!" I am so proud of her!

Now that we're getting settled in, I am playing around with cooking again. I kind of lost the desire to cook while I was stressing out and now that things have calmed, I'm back at it in the kitchen. Still miss my gas stove. But... lots of yummy things have been made - shortribs, meatloaf packed with veggies, even got the kids to eat pad thai with salads for dinner last night.

I'm trying to change my habit of asking the kids, "Should we have this or this?" and instead just making what I want to make. If they're hungry, they'll eat it. Kind of excited that this new mentality gives me more freedom and the kids will have to taste more things.

I'm reading the book The Honest Life by Jessica Alba - totally enjoying it. That "Honest" true to you lifestyle is just the way I strive to live. So lots of things in the book I'm just nodding my head YES!
Green Juice Mustasche

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