Monday, January 27, 2014

A New Adventure

Here I go again... always venturing out into the unknown! But now that I've ventured off into so many things and accomplished basically everything I've set out to do, a whole new path of opportunities is out in front of me.

I love my photography - I do! I am so blessed to have created this job for myself. Peter will also tell you I'm the breadwinner for the family and that's certainly not something I take lightly. With that responsibility comes stress. And with my headaches being so bad the last part of 2013 it also brought a lot of fear - "what if I can't continue working as much as I do? what will happen?"

It's never a good idea to start out on any venture with fear. This new venture is bringing me HOPE. And hope is huge.

I have signed on as an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. It's a global health and wellness company. Heard of them? GREAT! Haven't heard of them? Well it's time that you did. I ditched the Topomax and Arbonne's progesterone cream has basically changed my life in the past month. We are slowly adding more Arbonne products into our own home, but here's what I'm really excited about - the business side of it. RESIDUAL income. That means if I slow down, retire, get hurt - THE MONEY WILL CONTINUE TO COME IN. "But Mariah! That's a network marketing company!" Yes it is! And it's brilliant. I've joined a team that is SO ON IT. My sponsor has succeeded so brilliantly that she's a great big beacon of light. I am full of hope for my own wellness - hoping I'll be able to slow down a bit once this foundation is laid so that my shoulders can heal and I can spend more time with the kids without being glued to the computer. I'm excited about sharing the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. I am so full of positivity that I'm about to spill over!

So friends, family, strangers on the internet... if you're reading and you're at all in the least bit interested about what this opportunity means or how it works, please let me know! The company is in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK and will soon be expanding into Poland, Taiwan, and I hear Mexico and South America are coming.

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