Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Catching Up On December

Oh December.... full of so many highs and so many lows.

The highs - Both of my parents got to visit! It was so wonderful to see them both. It was wonderful for the kids to get to hang out with their grandparents and see those relationships grow so much in such a short time. The visits with each of my parents was, of course, too short. But they were so much fun too! These are probably uploading completely out of order... but... ah well.

The pictures by the sugar mill meat market were taken by my friend Sam. She was back home on Christmas Break from Oahu. The kids were, as usual, not interested in looking much at the camera or smiling. But it's just the way they are!

The Lows: I was very depressed in December. Well maybe even November. Yes probably even October. I think it was just a combination of a lot of things - everything Upcountry, Giuly passing, my migraines becoming out of control and scaring me. Overwhelmed with work, the kids on break, Peter working 60+ hour work weeks... I was kind of by myself a lot - with the kids of course - but Kai Boy also had a very rough December regressing quite a bit. It's actually been a challenge to talk to him when he's in a mood. Anyway... the point is that it's done. It's a new year and I'm coming out of the funk and feeling a lot better. Peter is back to 40 hours a week at work, which helps a ton. Being a single parent is tough work!

I was also on a drug called Topomax for a few weeks in December, early January to help with my migraines and I didn't like the drug at all. A huge issue with my migraines is that they not only cause crazy pain and light sensitivity, but they also mess with my short term memory and speech and I become a blathering dummy. The Topomax actually had the speech issue as a side effect. Last week I was looking at Cruz, knew it was Cruz, yet couldn't say his name. HELLO - red flag. I stopped taking it. I can't imagine continuing and trying to speak to people like that.

So I'm taking progesterone cream, eating REALLY healthy, and kicked my caffeine habit. I have some products to thank but I'll do that later... I have some things to post about that in another post.

It's nice to feel like I'm catching up to where I need to be right now. My place right now is an advocate for Kai. We are meeting with his school on Friday (well I am, Peter works) so I can go over my concerns and we can see if he might qualify for further education programming/special education.

Phew... lots of stuff, huh?

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Jen said...

I am so sorry that the topamax did that to you. I am struggeling with alot of those same symptoms right now as well,my Dr. suggested that I might be having complex migraines, which can cause you to slurr, have a blank look in your eyes, not be able to think clearly, basiclly when I have one I seem very drugged. In fact my husband once took me to an ER thinking I had a drug overdose because I had been on painkillers after a minor surgery and was unable to tell him if I had taken anything and when, and how much... I just could not remember. (I tested clean for all drugs, so it was not that!) I am getting my Dr. to look into these complex migraines, I will let you know anything I find out.