Monday, March 31, 2014

Finally a few things

Spring is definitely a wet one but we did get a few activities in finally! It felt nice to get out and complete a few things that were on our list! We took the kids on the Maui Tropical Plantation tram - it actually started raining halfway through and water got on my seat and it looked like I peed my pants so the kids thought it was hilarious. And our orchids in the front yard we thought were dead are coming back! We have two that are fully blooming again and more are on their way! I also got to take Ry out on a mommy date and that was really awesome. We made sure to catch the sunset first. The Color Run also came to Maui and me and Peter were so excited to take Ryenne! It was a 5K and we tried to run a bit but Ry wasn't having it. She was actually quite upset with us that we made her walk 3 miles. She was in a horrible mood the rest of the day. But I guess I need to get her out exercising more. Peter and I had a total blast though. We were throwing the colored corn starch all over each other, rolling on the ground, dancing, and laughing our butts off!

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