Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where the heck did March GO?

I just realized that March has just about flown by and I wrote in the beginning of the month and then BOOM here wer are almost at the end and I haven't even updated. Sheesh.

Well as you know we started the month with Cruz's birthday celebrations and that was so much fun. The partying continued with our Napili birthday celebration with Gramma and Papa and he loved it! I also had quite the honor of being interviewed and published in the Maui News - they have an annual Bridal insert and they interviewed me about not only my wedding work but also about giving back to the community and that was totally awesome.

In Ryenne news, she was chosen as Wildcat of the Month for March and Peter and the boys got to go to a little ceremony to award her a certificate. I had a wedding and couldn't go - but I was so proud of her!

Then it was spring break. I wish we could get a do-over because it rained the entire spring break! Not only that, but Peter had requested off an extra day and we were all excited but they were short staffed and he got called in to work 6 days at 10 hours each! So I was basically a single mom for a rainy spring break. Not going to lie... it sucked. You know me - I'm usually the eternal optimist but this was awful!

We did have one day of just slight rain and we did our front yard garden. It was quite therapeutic for me after being couped up in the house with crazy kids.

Letsee... well I started exercising again. I had some really great myofascial massage which moved my shoulder tendons to where they should be and that has made it so I can workout again! I am so stoked! I'm on week 3 of working out 6 days a week and feeling fantastic!

We also got to head out to Haiku to meet Nico's piggy, Handsome. He's a cutie! The kids always have fun when we make it out to the Haiku farm.

The newest member of our household is also doing great - she's so sweet. She's now going outside with the other cats and since she's older she likes to sleep a lot and hold still so I could take a picture of her!

The weather is finally leveling out to some sunshinyness and hopefully we'll make it to the beach SOON.

Pictures are all below :)

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