Monday, June 02, 2014

From the mountains to the sea...

Or in this case the sea to the mountains ... I vaguely remember a song we used to sing in elementary that went something like "From the mountains to the sea, the water source is known as wai" and it has a melody that I can remember humming... maybe I'll need to scour google one day to see if I can find the song.

Anyway, the last day of school was on the 28th. Ryenne was the only kid in school crying. She is really going to miss her teacher.

Mr. Kawamata, Ryenne, and some friends on the last day of 2nd grade!

Kai Boy and Mrs. Fullmer - Kai will be heading back into Mrs. Fullmer's class for kindergarten one more time!
Then of course the first day of summer isn't summer if it's not spent in the water!
We headed off to Polo Beach and it just so happens my Aunty and Uncle were visiting so we got to see them too!

Then yesterday for Peter's day off we headed up to Kula to get some honey from the honey farm and visit Aunty Daggie and Aunty Jeannine at their new place in the Enchanting Kula Floral Gardens. It was so much fun! We got to walk all around the gardens, had ono food, and got to visit with our dear friends. These women are so near and dear to me - I'm so glad to have them in my life!

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