Thursday, October 02, 2014

The New "Daughter"

Wow what a busy few months it has been! I mean to post and write but then find myself finishing work or heading to the beach. Lots of beach as usual.

In September after months of figuring out a plan, I launched a new company, Maile Maui Weddings. As I've written before I have shoulder issues and often am in pain, especially after shooting long weddings. It got me to thinking that if something every happened to me, my photography business is just that - ME. Not to mention, there's a ceiling - there's only so much I can humanly do.

So..... since I already help plan weddings and have for years, I thought this would be a wonderful way to duplicate myself. We launched at the beginning of September and I just know that this is going to be really amazing. It already sounds like I talk about "Maile" like a person! It's like a new infant at this point needing lots of nurturing and love.

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