Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hold My Tongue

Just a little note to hold your tongue sometimes..... we just got done buying cleats for the boys and Ry was holding the boxes in the car on her lap. She had a pencil and started writing on the box and I thought to myself, "What is she DOING? The boys are going to be so mad when they see scribbles on the box" and I was trying to think about how I would handle the situation that I perceived happening when we got home.

But what happened instead caused me to take a deep breath and take in the moment.

She hadn't scribbled on the boxes. She had written each of them a note for their first day of flag football tomorrow. For Cruz, "Good Luck!" and for Kai, "Be A Team Player!" .... so I guess that was a little lesson for me not to always assume that they'll fight and to slow down and hold my tongue sometimes. I'm glad I did in this instance!

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