Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Very Interesting

We recently switched Kai from the big Valley Isle Gymnastics to Maui Tumblers, which comes to his school and is much smaller and more personalized. He is excelling and going upside down, which he was struggling with.

I was talking to his coach, Paul, and explaining why Kai is a little more reluctant than the other kids and explaining some of his tactile issues. We were discussing the CFL bulbs and also the fact that Kai got a (excuse my language here) shitload of vaccinations all at the same time - actually the day after his lightbulb accident.

Paul told me that his nephew also had the same vaccines at the same age as Kai was (17 months), and within 6 months he looked as if he had Downs Syndrome and now is severely autistic. He told me that I am so lucky that we got Kai healthy. I told him about the sauna therapy and he told me it was amazing. I left that day in tears. I AM SO LUCKY I GOT MY BOY BACK. So incredibly thankful.

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Marti said...

Tears. Sweet Friend, tears...