Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Like usual when Gams or Pops visits, the time just flies by and I don't take nearly enough pictures. Whenever I'm around family, the camera goes away because I really want to enjoy them. Then I'm sad that I didn't take enough pictures. Such is life.

Pops came for Pickles wedding and Gams came with GramiLini. It was so wonderful to see everyone. It was wonderful to see both of my parents looking happy. I haven't posted much about their divorce. It's kind of strange for me. I understand it and I support it and their happiness. But still it's kinda strange to have "MOM" and "DAD" and not "MOM AND DAD".

Pickles wedding was awesome. I haven't had that much fun at a wedding in a long time. I got to dance with the kids and with Peter. Nico and Abra looked really happy.

Aside from the wedding, photography and the Westin have slowed down a lot. It's been a rough month and I think next month will be more of the same. But bookings are coming in for later so I'm optimistic that this is just a little lull and I'm grateful that I put some money away when I was really busy. During this lull I'll be able to work on my dad's website, my website, and launch a new website that came to me in a dream.

Peter and I have been CrossFitting 3 - 4 times a week. LOVE IT. It's changed my life. We are doing a 30 day paleo challenge with other members. We're on day 3. Feeling awesome.

Anyway.... it's been a bit since I've posted pics so here we go!!!

Kai's Maui Tumblrs Class doing tug-o-war - boys against girls.

Kai's Fireman jacket from Gams (he is in love with it - he even sleeps with it)

Cruz loves his too!

Ry and Auntie Emi made leis together

The monkeys got to ride on Uncle Koa's motorcycle!

I dropped my iphone in the sink at a photo shoot. It died. Peter put it in rice and revived it.

Nico and Abra being goofballs

They are both so pretty!

Super awesome paleo find - coconut butter from Nikki's (order online)

Took Pops out for birthday breakfast with this little dude in Kula

Cruz looks like such a big boy!

Antique Roses growing in my garden

2.5 mile run/walk in half an hour - not too bad.

Cruzer at Launiupoko

Ry and Kai Boy at Launiupoko - I'm a dunce and didn't take any of my mom or Lini

Peter rocking the Kettlebells at CrossFit

The kids singing happy birthday to Pops

The tile mural at Makawao School - she's so big, yeah?

Me and the little snuggly dude

iPhone 5 = better phone camera. Had to have it.

Monkeypants was pretending she was a puppy dog

It was raining in Napili and I was under a banana leaf

Kai smushing his nose against the screen. Silly boy!

He climbed up there all by himself. Can you see how proud he is?

Now he's playing cowboy

Cruz was very determined. Future CrossFitter!

They made a rocket ship and their jammies were space suits.

Me this morning after 4 rounds. That is total # of box jumps.

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