Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was a little snapshot of perfection.

Peter was off, which added to it being perfect.

In the morning, my friend Jenna invited us down to Camp 1 so the kids could go Oama fishing. We all headed down and it was windy but super fun. Both Ry and Kai caught baby Papio - the Oama weren't biting. I didn't catch even one fish, and the kids thought it was hilarious.

Came home to tackle some computer work - put some shortribs in the crock pot - and sat at the computer while Peter tended to laundry and dishes and the kids watched tv exhausted from the beach activities.

Then I headed to an engagement session at sunset while the kids stayed with Peter and played with Jenna's kids riding bikes (her parents live next door). When I got home from the shoot, the shortribs were done and I took the pot next door. There we all sat and laughed, ate, had a beer, watched the kids play.

Peter and I tucked the tired babes into bed and I looked at him - it was truly a perfect day.

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