Saturday, July 20, 2013

Well Here It Is

This is what we're working toward. I had posted it on Facebook, but my FB is private and I wasn't sure if I wanted this "out there" because I honestly don't know if it's going to happen. I believe it's going to happen - and I wrestled back and forth with posting this or not posting this.

But here it is. The home that we hope will be ours when the bank approves the short sale. Full of character and charm, a sweet little nook of a street, and a little yard with room for a veggie garden. Isn't it just adorable? So "Gooberish" as Peter calls it.

From the moment we pulled up to look, all three kids began talking of their lives here. They mention it almost every day. Bedrooms have been called. Ideas are spinning in my head to put our stamp on it.

So here it is. We sure could use everyone's positive thoughts and prayers as we wait and wait and wait. I see Peter putting up Christmas lights...

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Kristi said...

thank you for your email i love catching up on you and your sweet family too. michael and i chat about returning to maui from time to time. we will remain here in australia for at least another year to get the entire family dual citizenship. who knows were the road will lead.

your little house is super cute. i hope you get it and fill it with love.