Saturday, October 26, 2013

Afternoon Bike Ride

This was hanging at the entrance to the Pukalani Pool. The kids just started their next round of swimming lessons. Ry and Kai are doing great - Cruz not so much.

Nothing like the feeling of finder killer turquoise shades for $12 at the gas station right after your other cheapies break!

The boys have wood that they haul out to the street every day to make a ramp. This is our little street. Cruz totally huli'd right after this.

Riding down Vineyard on a Saturday afternoon.

This is a really cool side road that has a loop. It's perfect for riding bikes and walking the dogs.

We went out right at sunset - the light was gorgeous.

We are right above Happy Valley. It's super voggy right now.

The back part of the loop.

Ready, Set, Go!!!

There are so many old buildings and homes around here. It would be really fun to document them, especially because many are in really severe disrepair and won't be around much longer. One building down the street as the entire back-side missing and you can see all the various rooms exposed. It's interesting to think that these were areas that people lived and somehow just let it go... 

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