Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Holoholo to Honolulu!

4 days, 3 nights in Waikiki -- no emails, no computers - just the family. It was fantastic! LOTS of pictures to load.... totally unedited...

 Above: Kai Boy excited to get on the plane.
Below: First thing we did was head to Magic Island so I could scope it out for a shoot in June. The kids loved running around after being on the plane!

Magic Island is a pretty cool spot! We had meant to head back to swim, but a south swell was coming so we stayed in Waikiki and swimmed our butts off! We have water babies for sure! I was so proud of Kai actually for getting in all the way. I didn't bring the camera on the day the waves were huge, kinda wish I did, but it was SO MUCH FUN!

We surprised the kids with a trip onto the Hawaii Pirate Ship. Kai freaked out and refused to go. Peter took him off the ship and took him on a boys date while I stayed with Ry and Cruz. It was so amazing. The crew was fantastic and the kids were really into it!

 The kids got their share of the treasure chest!

 Our favorite part was shooting a ship with the water canons!

Then it was back to the beach!!

We got the whole family together for a dinner to celebrate Jean's graduation! YAY JEAN! 

It was a fantastic trip - the time with the kids without work was so perfect for all of us. We came back home to Maui on Sunday night and it was back to school much to their dismay. Only 2 weeks left though... can't wait.

In other news, we traded our Honda Fit for a Honda Pilot! So now we can go on adventures with family and not have to take two cars!

This is Perry the Pilot!! He's pretty cool!

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