Monday, May 12, 2014

Stuff and Mother's Day

First a few random things...

After 7 months of planning to touch up the white bed (and it being in the car port) I finally went ahead and just touched it up and swept out the entire carport and cleaned a bit. Felt nice to power that out myself. 

So we went to our neighborhood Ace (love that store!) and check out what I found!!!! I am SO EXCITED because it's way more compact than hanging a line across the yard. We just need a bag of cement then we can put it in and start using the dryer only when we have to. 
 There is a tiny noodle factory in Paia that makes these amazing noodles. They supply Sam Sato's and I thought I'd take a crack at making my own dry mein. It was SO GOOD (green onions from my yard) and the kids ate it up.

So on to Mother's Day! I told Peter I wanted to go on an adventure with the kids for Mother's Day. He was scheduled "on call" so we had to wait until noon to see if he'd be called in to work. We decided to take the kids out to Nakalele Blowhole and drive all the way around the head - I've been wanting to do this for a while now and it was the perfect opportunity.

We were nervous how Kai would do. It really could have gone either way - total shutdown or total excitement. Lucky for us, Kai took to hiking like a natural. He was so in his element and I'm stoked to have found an activity that he loves so much (he doesn't really like going to the beach). We hiked all over the rocks and the kids were troopers hiking back up to the highway from sea level. We had a few little slides and the kids were good and sweaty at the top. Then we went to Honolua Store for ice cream.

We went to lunch and then walking back to the car a man gave each of the kids a lauhala fish, rose, and canoe. He just wanted to give them out to be nice - it was really awesome and the kids were stoked. We finished the day until Sunset at Baby Beach swimming and splashing. It was such an awesome Mother's Day! 

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