Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Kindergarten Round 2

On the 5th Kai started Kindergarten - this is round two for him and we're so thankful to have his same teacher again. He really loves her and was happy that he didn't have to make a change.

That day I had a photo shoot in the morning so I took him to school and had to be on my way so I made sure to bring my camera when I picked him up, to which he said, "ONLY ONE PICTURE" and I snuck two.

For mainland friends, yes he's barefoot. They are required to remove their shoes before they enter the class. Note how filthy he is - we are still working on using napkins! My silly boy is exhibiting some really silly smiles lately. He is being more forthcoming about what he likes (he likes messy hair and no shoes he says) and more vocal when he's in an uncomfortable situation.

We tried family night at the movies to watch Guardians of the Galaxy, but within 20 seconds he was scared and I had to take him out. He said he enjoyed walking the mall with me though.

He doesn't know it yet, but Peter and I are planning on a night away with just him. This little dude never has us to himself. Can't wait to surprise him!

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