Sunday, August 03, 2014

Summer Time 2

This summer also found us with a new family dynamic - Peter switched from working a 3pm-11pm shift to an 8am-4pm shift. For the first time in just about forever, we've been able to have dinner together. And for the first time since the kids have gone to school, they won't have to wait until he's off to see him.

I've taken the kids out on a few things on my own while he's been at work. We went and explored Lahaina Harbor

We've been playing with the hose in the backyard...

Cruz asked us to cut his hair... and his tail off. I was so sad! But he wanted it.

We've been body surfing at DT Fleming Beach

Our first 4th of July with Peter home and fireworks!

Lots of bike riding

Painting our mailbox! 

I volunteered for Hospice to do all their images for their brochure needs - pretty cool!

The Sugar Cane Train announced that after 45 years in business they were closing for good. Took the kids on their last ride. It was really bittersweet. The conductors were telling everyone "This is your train. This is your engine. Enjoy your last ride with us." The Lahaina landscape isn't going to be the same! 
 Ululani's Shave Ice is a must...

We took Ry to her first ever concert - Jack Johnon in Honolulu
 I was having some major anxiety when we first got there. Open grass seating. An ocean of people. I was good once the concert started - but I'm not so good in these giant crowds - was a little freaked out.
 Jack sounded just as good live as he does on a CD. It was also super awesome that he brought along Paula Fuga - love her! Had some funny moments too - Jack forgot a lyric to Upside Down and said, "Sorry kids! Don't listen to Uncle Jack!" and then restarted. I love so much of his music - just about everything - but one song that I love particularly is Breakdown. At first listen you think it's about a train breaking down, but really it's about life. It's like we're riding a train through life - speeding through it all. But then there's the realization that we're missing things. We need the train to break down so that we can go slower, soak it all in.

"I hope this old train breaks down
Then I could take a walk around
And, see what there is to see
And time is just a melody
All the people in the street
Walk as fast as their feet can take them
I just roll through town
And though my windows got a view
The frame I'm looking through
Seems to have no concern for now
So for now

I need this
Old train to breakdown
Oh please just
Let me please breakdown"
 Another favorite is Country Road with Paula Fuga
The only challenging thing was that this concert had a ton of kids AND a ton of adults purchasing a lot of alcohol. We had a very rowdy group in front of us that refused to stay seated and felt entitled to dance like idiots and block all the little kids. So we couldn't SEE most of the concert but the listening part was awesome.

Our view from the Hyatt Waikiki
 We started the morning swimming in Waikiki

And we flew home on Island Air and the staff was amazing. They invited Ry up to the cockpit when we landed and she got to sit in the copilots seat while the captain showed her how to fly the plane (the window looks like it's cracked but it's just the metallic shade they put up when we parked)

Then we headed to Napili to pick up the boys and finished the day swimming in Kapalua 

Kai Boy has started therapy for anger issues and for his OCD tendencies. We've decided to postpone Disneyland trip for another year because he's not ready to be in a theme park environment. I think we're taking the kiddos to Kauai this year.

Ryenne started school on Friday. Her desk is right next the book shelves and I can totally picture her sitting there reading at every free moment she gets.
 Kai will be starting Kindergarten again in a few days (weird delayed schedule) and Cruz starts daycare tomorrow. I'm looking forward to having quiet office hours where I can tackle work so that I can dedicate afternoons and evenings to being totally present with the kids without thinking of all the work I need to do when I get them to bed.

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