Sunday, August 03, 2014

Summer Time

Whew! What a whirlwind of a summer. So many wonderful things to reflect back upon, and so much to update here on the family blog.

The business blog has been super busy with all the summer sessions I've been doing, and of course, I'd way rather go to the beach with the Littles than sit here and type out more for the personal blog. So a big, giant post will have to do!

In May when we were on Oahu for Jean's graduation, we did some family pictures in Hale'iwa. A water main had broken somewhere along the freeway and we ended up being almost an hour late, but just in time for sunset so this was a fast and crazy session - it was what I wanted for Mother's Day. We got the pictures back a couple weeks ago.

What was really cool was that in June I did a trade with a California photographer and we got to do another family session! This one was at Kanaha - which I love cause you can see Wailuku in the background.

More in the next post....

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