Sunday, July 17, 2016


Last night was kinda epic! The boys have wanted to go fishing forever.... I don't know how to fish and neither does Peter so we needed to enlist some help. Enter Uncle Evan - Aunty Jean's boyfriend (but really let's just call him brother-in-law already).

We started at the south end of Baby Beach hoping the Oama were in (they weren't) but it was a great exercise in patience. And we got to swim a bit. I think next month the Oama will be by that sea wall there.

So we walked the beach to the Mala side and over by the boat ramp - still no Oama but there were other reef fish. The boys did an amazing job with patience. Uncle Evan was so kind to them showing them what to do. Aunty Jean helped with the bait and the poles.  It was just so awesome!

 Mala Wharf.... wish it was in better shape. We were on the boat ramp next to it.
 The boys and Uncle Evan getting all set up.

 This one above reminds me of a painting. The boys are so into what they're doing and a rainbow in the back.... Oh Maui. How I love thee.

 Cruz being super patient....

 Above: Cruz's first catch!!! Below: Cruz's second catch! Evan said this particular fish was a little slimy so Cruz didn't want to touch it. It was hilarious.

 Above: Kai being patient on the boat ramp side waiting for a fishy.
Below: Kai's catch of the day! It was a big one! He was over the moon excited!

 Below: Now they're like "How do we take it off?" -- so funny. Back into the water he went.
 West Maui Mountains..... ahhhhh..... love.

 The last dip of the poles before the sun went down.
Kind of wish I had brought my big camera - but the iphone pics still worked well. After we packed up, we told the boys we still had to walk to the other side of Baby Beach. It was getting dark but the moon had risen over Lahaina and put a moonlit glow over the whole beach. It was incredibly beautiful. Not a single complaint out of these boys. We even got back in the water for some moonlit swimming. It was incredibly magical!!

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