Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Week

I pretty much had an entire birthday WEEK! It was so awesome!

On Monday Peter and I went to Mama's Fish House. A client gave me a gift certificate (talk about perfect timing!) and he had a day off and our dear friends Noah and Irene volunteered to watch the kids.

All dressed up!

See my PONO sticker?

Blowing out my birthday candle (fake eyelashes haha)
Dinner was incredible and it was so nice to go with Peter. We hadn't been there together in YEARS.

Tuesday was my actual birthday - 32!! - and I had a wedding to photograph that day on the West Side. We decided to take the kids out to Bubba Gumps in Lahaina after I was done with the wedding. They had so much fun. And to top it all off, it turned out that Pat's (Peter's brother) best friend is the manager and he came over and took care of the entire bill! How cool is that?!?!?!

Tuesday night Nico called me and asked if he could watch the kids for me so that we could go out. WHA? THREE DAYS IN A ROW? Shoots! So he came over on Wednesday and watched the kids while Peter and I went and saw Bourne Legacy at the theaters (Movie theater? What's that???). Super entertaining.

When Peter asked me a few weeks ago what I really wanted for my birthday, I told him that I wanted to go Parasail with Monkey. She had been asking about it and I've never done it. So we made reservations for Saturday morning. The owner was awesome and gave me 50% off "since I drove all the way from Makawao". Ry and I headed out on the zodiac to the UFO boat and she was really afraid. All week she was telling me how brave she was going to be. And then we're on the boat and she very nearly freaked out.

She's already a little nervous here..

Deep Maui blue water!

We're totally lubed up with sunscreen!

But she put on her brave face and she did it with me! I couldn't bring my camera, but I did pay the extra $35 for their video which I should have in a few days. I'll be sure to post it. Meanwhile, here's the beginning of our journey (you might need to click the email link if you're getting this in your email to see the video).

I had this impression that parasailing was going to be like a roller coaster ride, but it was far from it. The takeoff was pretty exciting, and then once we were to our altitude (1200 feet!) it was like we were in an entirely different world! It was so quiet and peaceful and we just floated along. Ry said she loved it and that we were like birds. The island was so gorgeous. The Maui blue water was AMAZING. And at the end the boat captain dunked us in the water then pulled us back up to land on the boat. We were soaking wet and laughing. It was AWESOME. 

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