Thursday, August 30, 2012

Makwao Open House

Uploading totally out of order here... oh well!
homemade barbacoa tacos. In Austin, Peter and I fell in love with this taco place called Torchy's. They had the most amazing barbacoa tacos EVER. There are ZERO restaurants that serve barbacoa on Maui so I got some beef cheek and made my own. They came out AMAZING.

Cruz on the Makawao playground

Cruz's sweet face when he sneaks into my bed at night

Kai Boy hand art

I took the three on a hot dog picnic the other night. Just them and me. It was so fun!

Kai Boy on the Makawao Slide

Ry gives daddy a kiss

Open House night at Makawao El. Kai was very proud of his sister.

Her note was at her desk waiting for us

Ry's self portrait

Playground play

Images that I took appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle! Isn't that awesome?

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