Thursday, August 09, 2012

One of those days...

You know those days when life hands you lemons? You know the saying... make some lemonade. Today I was like, "EFF the f*cking lemonade". It was one of those days for sure.

Kai was a butt from the moment he woke up. His gymnastics teacher had to pull me aside after class to tell me what a butt he was being.

Whinyness and crying continued throughout the afternoon. Cruz decided to draw with red crayon all down the hallway wall just as our landlady was coming over for lunch. I was mortified and considered falling to my knees in the hallway and just crying my eyes out (the day was already rough).

I had a mid-afternoon photo shoot and drove out to Kapalua with two screaming boys all the way (Ryenne was an angel). I got to my photo shoot to discover there was gum in my hair (what the????)

On the way back to Makawao as I was contemplating what a shitty day it had been, I thought for an instant how it could be over. Anytime. The crying, the whining, the snuggling, the kisses. ANY TIME. At that very moment or in 80 years. You just don't know. And I thought that I could go home to my pile of laundry, sink full of dishes, gazillion photos to edit. And you know what? I pulled the car right over. Gave myself over to the ocean. Breathed the air, freshened my soul.

After a rough day, nothing beats this view...

Cruz piggy toes

He is pretty fearless

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