Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day

Day before Mothers Day:

We are preparing for swimming lessons and I go to braid Ry's hair and she starts screaming at me because she hates having her hair brushed. This has been a battle we've been having for years. I always threaten to cut it off. Well... I had HAD IT. I told her to sit down, I grabbed the scissors, and chopped it off. Admittedly, I was upset, and then Cruz started to play in the hair on the floor and I gave up. I knew I had to take her to a salon to get it "fixed".

We got it fixed and it's short. Really short. Shorter than I intended. But at the same time, she looks pretty darn cute. She keeps rubbing her hands in it making it stand up in all directions. If I can get her to leave it alone when I brush it in the morning then it'll be really cute. But for whatever reason she likes to put her hands in her hair and mess it all up. Ok... maybe that's her thing - messy hair. I dunno. But I did feel pretty bad about reacting so crazy.

Mothers Day:

Peter worked at 7am and let's just say that the kids did not get the memo that they were supposed to be nice to me. Cruz has been extra testy these last few weeks. Really trying my patience BIG TIME. We were invited to a birthday party next door, but I took the privilege away because they were being so awful. I did, however, find a Jackson chameleon and we all got to play with him and hang out. Everyone had fun. It was pouring rain all day so I tried to keep everyone busy. After Peter got off we headed to Lahaina for my photo shoot and we had a big Dagupion family dinner at Kobe to celebrate cousin Shaneel's college graduation. The kids were amazingly well behaved.

Peter snapped these while we played near the Lahaina Harbor.

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