Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Ryenne's last day as a first grader! Her teacher, Ms. Dunn, has been awesome!!

Last walk home from school as a first grader.
Kai's preschool quote - "When I grow up I want to be a firefighter so I can save people."

Cookie face

On the stage at his preschool "graduation"

A male carpenter bee - I had never seen a male before (the females are the black ones)
Ryenne's getting better every single day!

Big boy with his board
I can't believe that school is over and it's summertime! I'm actually a bit relieved. I'm looking forward to the break with homework and boys who cry all the way to school because they don't want to walk to pick up their sister.

Ry's last day was really great - she had a wonderful year and she's doing so well. I know she's going to be an awesome second grader in August!

Kai's preschool experience ended not as I would have liked it to. The "graduation" was fun, but it wasn't his actual last day of school and they didn't have any of his pictures on the wall - just a quote. I think because he was a part time student, they really put no effort at all into contributions from him. Last day of school had a substitute teacher and zero fanfare. I really think that after Miss Lyn left it just wasn't the same school at all. I'm bummed his preschool experience ended that way, but he's so excited about kindergarten at "the big boy school" he can barely contain himself!

Cruz is registered for preschool also starting in August and it's a preschool we've been on the waitlist for. He is really excited and so am I - his teacher is extremely organized and he'll learn how to put things away where they belong. I am going through a very challenging period with Cruz right now. He is so big that he uses his body to communicate with his siblings by head butting, biting, pushing, and hitting. It's very frustrating. 

Ry's 7th birthday is coming up and I've been bugging her asking her what she wants. She is not a girly girl - more of a sparkly tom-boy and she fell in love with a skateboard at Costco. So I bought it for her, and since Kai has wanted one forever, I bought him one too. And a bunch of water guns. And Ry got her own snorkel set with fins. We've been out practicing on the boards and they are doing great. We had an epic family water fight too. Good things ahead this summer.

I am always doing a balancing act. The kids are having to learn that I have work time and play time and it's hard for them to understand fully but they sure love the play time.

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Susan said...

You're a great mom. Proud of the school year they had!!!