Friday, August 02, 2013

Are they ready?

This image makes me so happy.

I was asked recently to document my day with 6 - 10 photos to submit for a "Daily Life of a Photographer" story. I have no idea it will be published but I'm putting together the shots over the weekend.

It's funny - because from other photographer daily life posts I've seen, they are a portrait of photographers with vintage or modern homes and studios laced with images all over the walls - full of textures and fabric and chic rugs. Kids are dressed in their designer duds and their smiles are magazine perfect.

I decided I wasn't going to stage anything of my daily life. Peter got a shot of me waking up with a cuddly Kai Boy next to me. I sat at my messy desk to edit a wedding. I got a shot of Peter creating the perfect cup of french press coffee (which by the way, he has completely ruined Starbucks). Got a totally unflattering picture of me at the beach with the kids and then some pictures at a photo shoot. I got this image of me and the kids today (timer!) and it is SO US.

Me with no makeup, Ryenne making a silly face holding her cat hostage, Kai deciding to do ninja moves, and Emi the dog sticking her butt at the camera while Cruz is doing exactly what we set out to do. It's classic. The floor is dusty despite being swept 3 times today already, there are no pictures on the wall behind me, and our house doesn't have real windows. And yet I wouldn't trade any of it. It's perfect.

Is the real world ready for my crazy family, our simple life, and successful business? I'm not sure. But I guess I'll find out!

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