Monday, August 05, 2013

Goodbye Summertime

"I can't sleep Mom. I'm too excited..." she said as she tiptoed down the hallway at 9:30pm last night. She peeked around the corner to see my face and judge how I would react to her being out of bed over an hour past the time I tucked her in.

I remember that feeling. The day before school starts excitement and nervousness. It almost felt like Christmas Eve - the butterflies in the tummy and feeling nervous over the new teacher, new class, new everything.

I hugged her and told her I knew just how she was feeling. We had a little moment on the couch before I tucked her back into bed.

I can't believe Ry is in 2nd grade! It's a rainy day over here as Tropical Storm Gil turned into just a rainy day. Walked Ry to her new class and am looking forward to hearing how her day went!

Summer was so much fun. I know I haven't blogged much, but it's been because we have been on the move all the time. Tons of beach days, swimming lessons, time in the water, photo shoots, family drives. Aside from the house we're trying to buy, Peter also got a really great job offer for the new Andaz Resort in Wailea. It's a pretty exciting place - different than any other resort we've both ever worked at. I have a feeling a lot of opportunities are on the horizon for him.

Lots of pictures coming up from the past 2 months of summer :)

 Napili Bay bound

 Peter got this shot of me photographing some clients. It's always fun when he can follow me to a shoot!

 Arriving at Big Beach in Makena for a session

 Peter makes the best coffee ever. Seriously.

 Me and my messy desk getting some work done!

 Either Kai or Cruz sneak into my room every single night. Always wake up with either little boy tucked under my arm.

 My little water babies. They can stay in the pool or beach for hours!

 This summer we took the kids to the movies for the first time (first time for the boys). They did fantastic! We saw this summer Epic and Despicable Me 2. Planes is next up.

 Me being a mermaid.

 The kids just before the 4th of July Makawao Parade. Last year it rained, this year it was crazy hot!

 Ry loves being underwater. She's a little fish!

 Cruz scares me with how much he likes going underwater. He can hold his breath for a really long time.

 One morning we took donuts down to Kuau Cove to eat donuts and watch the ocean. The kids got to help Peter put up the cones before the restaurant opened. They loved it.

 Ryenne is my poet. "Love comes everywhere my friend. Love is a very magic thing."

 Kai Boy fishing.
 They are still all small enough to take a bath together.

 Washing my car with Daddy.

 We went school shopping and Cruz picked out a Lighting McQueen backpack. He was set to start preschool this morning and was so excited, however, his preschool required a full year commitment and since we're up in the air on the house we couldn't commit to a full year. The school looked really amazing and I'm bummed that he won't get to go to school just yet - he has been asking over and over to go to school. After we move I'll find a new spot to enroll him. In the meantime, Gams sent a box of goodies for him to enjoy while Ry and Kai are at school.

 Kai Boy goes into school on Wednesday for testing to determine if he'll be placed in Jr. Kinder or Kindergarten. After that, he'll be going a reduced schedule and then starts full days of school with his sister on the 19th.

 Ry got to pet Giuseppe, Uncle Nico and Auntie Abra's bird.

 Tropical Storm Flossie knocked out our power for quite some time. Cruz got to be in charge of the lantern. It was a pretty powerful storm that passed over us pretty quickly. The kids were really afraid of the thunder, but it was pretty awesome snuggling with them!

 All three kids got new bikes. Ry and Kai's last bikes broke (Walmart specials!) and Cruz had been asking for a bike. So I stopped to get some new bikes after a shoot and me and Peter set them up in the kitchen so the kids would be surprised in the morning. It was really cute. Kai is very serious about his "dirt bike".
 Peter got my new bio pic wearing one of my favorite shirts from Sevenly - People Matter. Actually - he has one too :)
A little Above and Below the sea

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Loved all if the pics. I read your blog diligently but don't always comment since my phone doesn't always cooperate wutg the verification deal. Love these. Great tees.