Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time Warp

I keep looking at the kids thinking, "How are they getting so big so fast?" It's like a time warp!

Ry and Kai are settling into their school time schedule - they love being at the same school together. Everyone has been waking up really well in the mornings (except me!)

Cruz misses his siblings but is also seeing the benefit of having me all to himself. Lots of tickle and snuggle time and he's noticing that he doesn't have to share toys too!

This week we baked some banana bread from the bananas that grew in the yard. Lots of outside play time as well since August is so hot, even in Makawao.

Still no word on our house but I'm starting to pack here and there in hopes that it will spur things along. Our landlady has found new tenants to move in to our current rental on Nov 1, so our clock is ticking - c'mon house!

The renting experience has been interesting. I don't think I was designed to be a renter in all honesty. I like my space.

All else is well. Just watching these little ones as closely as I can.

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