Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bath Conversations

The kids still bathe together. We haven't entered the "I just want a shower" stage yet. Sometimes bathtime is more than I can handle as the kids fight and splash water everywhere. But there are moments like tonight where I just listen.

The three were in the tub playing while I went to grab their pajamas. On my way back in to the bathroom, I heard them pretending to make a tv commercial. I used to do that with Nico in the tub when we were kids. Ry and Kai were selling soap. And Kai, in his best salesman voice, said, "I only use natural soap. This soap is the best." and I just had to laugh a little because I know that he got that from me and here he is repeating it, and will no doubt take it with him through his life.

Ryenne was proudly creating her own bubble creation in an empty shampoo container and showing it off to an imaginary tv camera.

Cruz was dunking his head underwater and practicing holding his breath, coming up after a good 5 seconds under and shouting, "See? See Mom? See?" and I just took this all in - this perfect moment.

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