Saturday, March 23, 2013

Journey to 10,000 Feet

We planned to take the kids on their first ever trip to Haleakala on Wednesday for Peter's day off. The vog has been pretty nasty, but we decided to go anyway. We bundled up and headed up in our trusty Scion (did I ever tell everyone my cars name? It's Exbeealidoshus - or Exbee for short).

Up, up, up we went. Right into the clouds. And rather than rising above the clouds, the crater was totally socked it. And freezing. In the 40's, wet, and windy. Little ice crystals formed on my jacket.

Pulled over on the way up to stretch our legs. Very voggy day.

The kids pointing toward Makawao
BRRRR! The cold wind hurt our faces.

This is so CLASSIC!

Visibility was pretty much zero
But not to worry. They had a gift shop. And that gift shop had wilderness whistles. Happy Kids!

On the way down we pulled over at a lookout that I had never been to before and we were just below the clouds. We could see the crater! WooHoo!

After walking around the lookout a bit, we were all hungry and decided to head down the mountain. But we all agreed that if we spotted cows we'd stop. And sure enough...

Awwww.... so cute

After our adventure we went out to Kula Lodge for lunch. Kiddos were pretty cranky by this point. We all went home and laid down to acclimate to our sea level change. It was such a great adventure!

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