Thursday, October 27, 2011

Following Your Heart

It was a while ago that I saw the movie, "The Secret" and I've been really trying to put it to use in my own life. Using the power of positive thoughts and being thankful to receive more from The Universe/God.

I think for a lot of people, they are confused by how fast we're picking up and leaving. "Wow, that was so fast!" I hear a lot. I'm a little confused by this because moving is just that way. It is upcoming and then it's here. No matter when you plan, that last couple of weeks are always going to go by fast. So why not just get it over with?

Which brings me to another point. I am following my heart. It's taken me a long time to realize that I have the power to change things for myself and my family. I have it within my power to shape our future. I am following my heart because I am able to make changes to facilitate what my heart wants. I am able to make this move because I am willing to give up other comforts in my life. I have been able to sit down and determine what is important and what is not in the grand scheme of things. Without doing this, these pieces would not have fallen into place. I hear all the time, "What I wouldn't give for { insert something here }." But really people want something without giving up something else.

I am not perfect. Actually it's been a lifelong struggle to give myself worth and value. I have always felt not good enough, not talented enough, not pretty enough to deserve things that my heart wants. But over the last year - really since that huge fight with Peter - I have come to realize that if I want to open myself up for good things, I have to love myself first and foremost. It's a process but it's happening and my confidence is up and my happiness is up.

So yes I'm following my heart. I'm picking up and leaving Austin because I can. Because I can make it happen to make our dreams come true. And anyone can.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Packed with inspiration. After face planting the other day, it really makes me stop and take a look at my life. Why arn't I doing more to accommodate what makes me happy? That flash in the ER when I wasn't sure where my life was going or if it would continue, I knew it was time for change. I am so happy you have figured this out at a much younger age. I wish you nothing but success. And my dear girl, you are more than pretty enough, smart enough and talented enough to take on the world. Love from one of your biggest fans. oxoxo Tia Aura