Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Solid Offer

Our house went on the market in June and we've been cleaning and keeping it beautiful. It has been a challenge with three little monkeys eager to mess everything up, but it ultimately hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. It's actually been really nice to have a clean home to enjoy and cook in.

We received a really low-ball cash offer the other day. Our house is listed at $189,000 and it was for $170,000. Not so hot. And they didn't like our counter-offer at $185,000. But then we got another offer from someone else for $186,000. We are super excited and have accepted the offer. Next step is the home inspection and we'll go from there. I believe everything in the house is fine, but please send thoughts into the universe that the house passes the inspection with flying colors!

Once this all happens, the closing date is 11/11/11. We are going to end up owing money on the house which is going to wipe out our savings. As much as I'd like to ship everything to Maui right away, we'll need to stay in Austin and rent something small and cheap and save like crazy people. As much as I wanted to be in Maui by December, I don't know if that can happen just yet. I have some jewelry that I'm going to sell and some furniture so all of that will go into the "moving to Maui fund".

We are so excited about this. Please everyone send prayers that this goes smoothly and that we can find something in budget to rent with a smooth move.


maui said...

Sending good energy your way. Since your house is so new, the inspection should be no problem. You are sacrificing to make your dreams come true and while you may not get back to Maui as soon as you had hoped, you will get back:-)

kristi said...

sending good vibes from across the ocean. so happy to hear things are moving forward for you guys. x.