Thursday, July 01, 2010

10 years

If you had asked me five years ago what I'd be doing on my 10th wedding anniversary, I would have told you that I would spend it in the Tuscan Countryside or the Amalfi Coast preparing for a lavish 10 year Italian vow renewal... but alas... it was not meant to be.

Peter and I said "I do" 10 years ago today. Amazing that a decade has passed by already. Even more wonderful that instead of being a couple we now have a complete family.

Since we're pretty much broke and can't go out, we instead invited over our very dear friends, let the kids run amock, and dined on Stouffer's Lasagna, Strawberry Salad, Garlic Bread, and a home made chocolate pudding pie. It was fabulous.

On another note, Cruz rolled all the way over yesterday! He's only done it once so far, but I'm sure once he gets the hang of it, he'll be doing it all the time!

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