Saturday, July 10, 2010


The floors went in yesterday. Literally ALL DAY from 9:30am to almost 10pm. There were some small issues that I noticed but they were taken care of and I LOOOOOOOVE my floors. Still some things to do... paint the drywall and the baseboards are going in on Monday. But right now I'm floating I'm so happy.

Cruz loves the floors too. He's modeling for me so that I can promote the "at home studio" for other babies.



He was all smiley and giggly, but the moment I'd block my face with the camera he'd get a very confused look on his face. "Where'd my mama go?" So I was laying on my tummy and had Ry come sit on my back to make him smile. Worked like a charm. She was my little helper.

Here they are playing while Kai is napping.


On another note, today I did something I always love to do in the summertime. I shaved my legs outside. I don't know what it is about sitting on the back porch with Peter's shaving cream, a razor, and the garden hose (sounds ghetto I know), but it's just so awesome! haha

I even got a little getaway with Gams today. Of course I had Cruz, but it was nice to stroll the aisles of the grocery store in peace and chat and linger where I wanted to linger.

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Kristi said...

wood floors make all the difference in the world.

ps. i love your last sentence, "chat and linger where i want to linger." this is like every mama's dream, no?