Friday, July 16, 2010

Scavenger Hunt

This morning I looked at the thermometer and it was 80 degrees outside. I knew that it was only going to get hotter and hotter so I decided to make a scavenger hunt for the kids.


We made a list of things to find. The funniest part was that we found the lizard INSIDE the house instead of outside. His name is Larry.

Kai was happy to go walking instead of riding in the stroller. He's looking for a giant leaf here.

He was happy for Ryenne when she found one.

Then he wanted to check on his Baby in the stroller. (I am so glad I caught this image. I was afraid it hadn't turned out)

We found this area of rocks in someone's yard. They were looking for a "shiny rock"

Ryenne found a great one!

She picked out her own outfit today and I was so proud of her! She picked out things that match!


I love moments like these!

And where was Cruz? He was in his stroller and this is what he thought of the hunt:
He was sleeping through the entire thing.

The entire hunt lasted about half an hour and we found everything on our list aside from a dandelion. We were sweaty when we got back to the house. It was a fun adventure. I think we'll be adding this to our repertoire of fun things to do!

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Susan said...

Fun Idea. Cute pics as always. Love the Maui built tees. We have friends in Maui right now and I asked her to get tees for the boys. Can't wait to see what she picks out.