Saturday, July 03, 2010

Now for the hard part...

I'm on day 3 of Cruz not sleeping at night. It's like he thinks he's a newborn again. But he's not getting up just to be fed... he's getting up to coo and laugh, to be cranky, to have a diaper change, or because he's hungry. And it's literally every 2 hours at night. Since he's sleeping in my bed, I feel like I'm awake all night long. And the naps during the day are horrible - 20 minutes long. When does this kid sleep???

So here's the hard part... I am going to have to put him in his room and let him cry it out a bit. This is so extremely hard for me. I am just really, really TIRED and it doesn't make me a good mom during the day to be this tired. If I can train Cruz to sleep as well as Kai, it will be SO GOOD.

And speaking of Kai, I am taking away his pluggies and giving them to him only at sleep times. I hope this helps his speech develop more and is one step closer to taking it away completely.

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Kristi said...

we still have the passie at sleep time. this is such a hard one for me. during the day tate chews on everything, his sleeves are always wet from being in his mouth. eek.

cruz sleeps like quinn did. i feel for you. i am also in the process of taking tate's naps away, he is up all night other wise. i feel like i have a newborn too.