Sunday, July 18, 2010

A really great day

Gosh... today was such an awesome day. We started out with going to Gams and Pops and having the most AMAZING pancakes ever, hanging out, feeding the cows. It was awesome.

Came home and waited a little while and my friend Nikki came and picked me up and we went to a girls day out movie - Eclipse!!!! After knowing each other for two years, this was our first time out with NO KIDS and we got to ogle at the male leads in the movie, laugh, have fun. It was so incredibly awesome. Here we are after the movie.


Nikki dropped me off and Peter had just woken up, so we all put on our shoes and drove down to Ry's preschool and Peter and the kids shot basketball hoops and I ran (yes... I RAN) laps and did sprints and was feeling so spry I even did cartwheels (yes... CARTWHEELS)! We all got tons of exercise and it was so awesome. The kids were pooped, ate dinner, and went right to bed.

I'm pretty tired myself!!!!

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Kristi said...

you girls are both so cute with your freckled noses.