Thursday, July 01, 2010

Ryenne Logic

Last night I finished editing a wedding reception for a friend and then got to bed around 11:30. I quickly fell asleep but it didn't last for long.

At midnight I opened my eyes and Ryenne was standing up in her bed. Kinda freaky. She saw me and came over and said, "Mom, bees can't eat too much honey because it will give them a tummy ache." I agreed with her and told her to go back to bed. But she was awake like it was a brand new day.

I then got more and more bits of Ryenne logic. My favorite one was, "Two + some = more" After a few various viewpoints, Cruz decided to wake up too. He was smily and happy and cooing at his sister.

So there we all were... at 1am. In my bed. They both didn't go bac down until 2am, but I did go to bed with a smile. It was definitely full of sweet moments.

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