Monday, July 12, 2010

Where to measure from?

My life changing eating habit quest is going so well. I haven't felt this full of energy and empowerment in a long time. I learned something very valuable over the past week - I learned about how my body processes calories, how many it needs, how many it burns, ect. Thank you to my friend Nikki for telling me about - it is tedious - but showed me the things that I was doing wrong. I wasn't eating as many calories as my body needed and I didn't even know it!

I went on the scale this morning to check out progress and was very pleasantly surprised! But I'm not sure where I should measure from.... my pre-pregnancy weight? my weight from the day I gave birth? the weight that I started this new journey when Cruz was 3 weeks old?

I have lost:
26 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight
38 pounds from the day I gave birth
17 pounds from when Cruz was 3 weeks old (when I started this change)

I am feeling good!!!

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Kristi said...

happy stuff. xo.